Hellen’s Group

If you are searching for the ultimate comfort in bed sheets and long-lasting fabrics you’re in the right place because Hellen’s group is an Egyptian brand for high quality textiles that was established in 2003.

Our aim simply is to take creating fabrics to a whole new level!

Not only do we produce 100% authentic Egyptian cotton bed sheets (MAX 600 thread counts!)  We also make impeccable linens and towels for luxury hotels and home use because we take your comfort very seriously in Hellen’s group!

Moreover, because all our clients are unique we felt it was only fair that we create customized fabrics to bring out their individuality! In Hellen’s group each fabric has a story of its own and that’s what sets us apart.

Not only that but over the years, our humble brand has grown and extended to creating uniforms for various industries including hospitality, education, industrial and corporate making us the leading suppliers of uniforms in Egypt!

All in all, it has been quite a journey! What started as an idea has become a whopping big business with fabric exports all over the world. Indeed there is no greater honor and responsibility than to proudly represent our beloved Egypt around the world.

Our Vision

To be the leading Egyptian textile brand worldwide, that proudly provides high quality 100% authentic Egyptian cotton

Our  Mission

  • To provide creative fabric solutions for all your textile needs! Our talented designers do love a challenge and take delight in representing each unique client with their work.
  • To be the lead supplier of high quality linens and cotton all over Egypt, the Middle East and rest of the world, raising the bar for the standards of comfort worldwide

Our  Clients

We are proud to work with

Volovo Egypt
Alwaly Group
SEIF Pharmacies
El Helow Group
Abdel Rahman Ebn Aof School
KitKat Egypt
Ben Laden group
Lagoon View
Mazda Egypt
Ideal Standard
Chevrolet Egypt